+1 for a 0.20.5rc3 ASAP (as Clay Leeds suggests). 0.20.5rc2 is bugged
and I believe Jörg is tired of marking new bug reports as duplicates. :-)

+1 for really (!) going to bugfixing-only mode in the maintenance branch.

+1 for 0.20.5 being the last release from the maintenance branch.

But being realistic, -0 on new bugfix release(s) if needed. Bugfixing
only!!! 0.20.5a, 0.20.5b..., no 0.20.6.

+1 for somebody providing funds so I can stay "unemployed" a little
longer and invest more time in the redesign. I've got to get some money
coming in again in about three months from now. The sooner the better.

+1 for FOP enthusiasts start helping with the redesign.

+1 for banning all lawyers to a small isolated pacific island. No
seriously, I have one test case of grant submission running for over two
weeks now. I haven't gotten any confirmation on that, yet. Ok, I was
also shoving that before me, but I'm going to check on the status today.
I promise. Once, I get the first through, I'll start the others.

On 02.04.2003 16:22:11 Christian Geisert wrote:
> J.Pietschmann wrote:
> [..]
> > Because hyphenation license updates seem to be slow, what about
> > doing an rc3 in 10-15 days? We'll get rid of this duplicated text
> > problem which poeple complain about much too often and get also
> > a more thourough test of the encryption stuff.
> Yes, another RC makes sense but I'm a bit unsure about the
> timeframe because I'd like 0.20.5rc3 to be the last RC before
> releasing 0.20.5 (i.e at best no changes after rc3) but there
> is still the issue with the hyphenation patterns which will
> probably take some to be solved as we we shouldn't use LPPL
> stuff (did I understand this right?)
> So what about rc3 in two weeks and then really stop with the
> maintenance branch?

Jeremias Maerki

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