On 28.03.2003 20:44:27 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > As I thought, not so easy.
> Well, never mind.
> > A possible
> > solution, though dangerous ATM, would be to dump the maintenance branch
> > PDF lib and use the one from the trunk. :-)
> Keiron once noted there were severe API changes.

Well, my latest changes made it necessary to revisit all the places
where PDFObjects were created (PDFFactory). The problem is not the PDF
lib itself, I think, but the dependant things such as the whole font
story that has also change quite a bit.

> If you still want
> to look at it, I have a voluminous path for better error reporting
> in the works but it should be ready next week and you have free reign.

You lost me. Error reporting: line numbers for FO's? Maint branch or

> Because hyphenation license updates seem to be slow, what about
> doing an rc3 in 10-15 days? We'll get rid of this duplicated text
> problem which poeple complain about much too often and get also
> a more thourough test of the encryption stuff.

<censored what="rude four letter word"/> Don't remind me of the license
stuff. There's still soooo much work. Worst of all: It's no fun. :-(

So, do I get you right that you want (me) to follow up on that idea to
use trunk's PDF lib in the maint branch??? I'd rather not. If someone
else does, ok. I'd rather move forward in the trunk.

Other opinions? (I might be persuaded to do it.)

Jeremias Maerki

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