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--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What about instream-foreign objects that get passed
> through? SVG is the only
> one I know of, and it is hard-wired in already, but
> I'm not sure that this
> capability should be lightly tossed. 

Agreed.  But do dynamically added ElementMappings
actually work, i.e., can we actually attach an 
ElementMapping to FOP without changing FOP code? To
see how dynamic discovery/run-time addition of
ElementMappings might work, I looked at
SVGElementMapping and ExtensionElementMapping, two of
the three already hardcoded.

SVGElementMapping, for example, includes these


ExtensionElementMapping includes a Bookmark FO, which
needs these libraries:

import org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.LayoutHandler;
import org.apache.fop.area.AreaTree;

ElementMappings appear just too wedded to the
application (definition and semantics) to be able to
be dynamically added run-time to FOP.  Even compiling
such classes separately appears difficult.

> Please explain
> why this is a
> prerequisite for the proposed move.

Actually, it's not, but it might defeat some of the
goals of encapsulation.  We can indeed keep this
functionality in FOTreeBuilder--"dynamic discovery" of
ElementMappings could be carried out by FOTreeBuilder,
also, for run-time additions, one can call from code:


After the new API is nailed down, we may have similar
versions of these functions back into FOTreeBuilder
anyway, in particular to add/remove/modify *already
hardcoded* ElementMappings for speed optimizations,
etc, from the public API.  

But this is a separate issue--here, I would like the
committers to think about whether they would like
*dynamically* added ElementMappings in 1.0--my
inclination--not much more than that--is "no" right
now because I don't see how the current implementation
of them can work.

> > Here's my +1.
> I'll abstain pending further clarification.

Your current 0/+1 is noted...Feel free to change
either upon further review.


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