On 29.06.2003 23:36:48 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Given messsages like
>   http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-user&m=105689746128501&w=2
> should we provide the FOP distributions as ZIP files too?


> Then there's also
>   http://www.izforge.com/izpack/
> (GPL)
> If somebody could have a look at it and post a short review...

Not enough time ATM, I'm afraid.

> A really interesting idea would be to convince the Greater
> Federation, or at least the Java part, to build on some
> graphical installer, as CygWin does for ages. This should
> really cut down redundant jar downloads, and we could even
> integrate Jimi/JAI/JCE downloads without much legal issues,
> because the graphical installer would show the shrink-wrap
> licenses and ask the user for agreement.

Remember the discussions about ASF repository reorganisation on
[EMAIL PROTECTED] Maybe the Gump, Maven and Krysalis Centipede guys have ideas
related to this. Also keep an eye on Krysalis Version
(http://www.krysalis.org/version) that's providing a little bit of base
functionality in this region. Just my 0.02 CHF.

Jeremias Maerki

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