Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Remember the discussions about ASF repository reorganisation on

Faded off inconclusivly, except for mirroring...

Maybe the Gump, Maven and Krysalis Centipede guys have ideas
related to this.

Ideas: yes. Solutions: mmmmm.

Also keep an eye on Krysalis Version
( that's providing a little bit of base
functionality in this region. Just my 0.02 CHF.

I can't see from the overview page how this helps here any more than Maven does.

Gump and Maved have dependency information, this is a good start.
What is needed is a small GUI installer similar to Cygwin setup,
only slightly better:
- Present a nice form for entering connection data by the user
  (especially proxy setup) and perhaps for other preferences
- Manage persistent connection data and preferences
- Manage the mirror list
- Present a nice wizard to choose packages to download, keep an eye
  on dependencies
- Tell the user about the download size
- Let the user choose downloading optional non-apache packages
- Present licenses for non-apache packages
- Perhaps manage which licenses the user already has agreed (does
  somebody know of a case where a user did *not* agree to a license?)
- Provide for canceling and temporary suspending a download
- Manage partial downloads
- Manage downloaded packages in order to avoid downloading the same
  or a compatible package twice
- Update classpath settings, config files, build properties and
  whatnot, as necessary
The core part is the package picking wizard, most of the rest is
fancy bywork which could be deferred.

Well, there's


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