J.Pietschmann wrote:

> OOps, I didn't think about that. We could
> a) Force ISO-8859-1 for all Java source files in the build file.
>     Is this a discrimination of, ummm, non-western contributors
>     who might want to have their names in their native script
>     in the files?
> b) Keep a list of Java source files which need a different encoding
>    and force ISO-8859-1 on the rest
> c) Switch to UTF-8. Eclipse can deal with UTF-8. Users of other
>    IDEs are, to a large part, screwed.

I already chose option #3 for the files in question (probably 2 weeks ago).
If java source files are Unicode, then can a java editor really claim to be
such if it can't handle UTF-8? I guess I don't understand how this became
such an important and heated discussion.

Victor Mote

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