Le Mardi, 24 juin 2003, à 20:27 Europe/Zurich, Victor Mote a écrit :

1. org.jfor.jfor.interfaces (see rtf/rtflib/rtfdoc/IRtfTableContainer.java,
line 56, for example)
2. org.jfor.jfor.tools (see rtf/rtflib/rtfdoc/RtfExternalGraphic.java, line
62, for example)

obviously these are needed - sorry about that, I have added them now. I'm just fixing the licenses now, but the files are there already.

I saw some references to members of the converter package as well, but those
looked like optional things that can be commented out.

that's right, there shouldn't be dependencies in this direction, these will need to be refactored if they are needed.


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