Hi Fopers,

I can understand your requirements, but I would like to know what memory limit you are looking for and what are the filters you two are talking about.

As for me, I have been using FOP for BIG reports (fromm 100 to 2000 pages) with big tables (like you, more than 500 pages long tables).

I have used some iText Features to deal with forward reference (see the list archive for more details) and this has been giving me a nice solution.

I can produce a 1500 pages doc on a simple machine with 256Mo in a few minutes (yes, it swaps) and we use 1 or 2 Go Ram servers for huge documents.

Anyway, we all would welcome some new solution to this problem, but surely you reckon there has been loads of workarounb in this list ?

Can you be more specific about the performance threshold you are looking for ?



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Dear Thomas Sporbeck

It's good to see someone else is using FOP for big reports. I also using
tables for inventory lists near to 600 pages and my user do not accept
to use filters. This FOP is killing my user business and if I could not
find a solution to it, we would trough away the FOP for good, for ever.
Then it would be a shame on FOP open source developers since I would go
and buy none open, commercial product.

I would really appreciate if you inform me of your ideas.


Ali Farahani

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I would agree to Ricardo. We're using tables for inventory lists
containing about 500 pages. The memory situation in that reports is
really critical and we cannot force the users to set filters.
On the other hand: to us it doesn't matter if this enhancement comes
with 0.20.5 or with a later version (0.20.5a ?), which has of course to
be decided by the developers and will possibly delay refactoring.

Thomas Sporbeck

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