ali farahani wrote:
It's good to see someone else is using FOP for big reports.

I always wonder what poor souls have to sift through this huge amound of paper... ;-)

I also using
tables for inventory lists near to 600 pages and my user do not accept
to use filters. This FOP is killing my user business and if I could not
find a solution to it, we would trough away the FOP for good, for ever.
Then it would be a shame on FOP open source developers since I would go
and buy none open, commercial product.

Well, unfortunately my company has tightened my time budget which means I have to do *all* work on FOP in my spare time. However, if you have a critical bug to fix and can come up with a bunch of dollars, I'll gladly take a few days off in order to fix it (for *everyone*).

In the case of the excessive memory consumption cased by
tables I think I have found a fix which wont break everything
else. It will certainly require some amount of testing, which
means another release candidate and which is therefore quite
unpopular with our release manager.


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