>BTW, it may be good to kill two birds with one stone
>and have this task added directly to Apache Ant, as a
>new <xslfo> Optional Task, using what we currently
>have in our own codebase with Sean's improvements,
>and/or modeled after the Xalan <xslt> task already in

Putting the Fop task directly in Ant would be great.  I would really like to see that 
happen.  I suppose we could get it in Ant 1.6 if we submit it soon.  Does anyone know 
what the criteria is for inclusion as a "Core" or "Optional" task within Ant?  What 
work would be required on our part?

However, I'd like to see this patch get incorporated into the "next" FOP release as 
soon as possible.  I put quotes around "next" because I don't know which of the 
following options makes sense to the committers:

1) Put it in 0.20.5

    I realize that 0.20.5 is at RC3 right now and that features aren't supposed to be 
added, but the impact of this change is relatively low.  Especially, with the "force" 
option defaulting to true. 

2) Put it in 0.20.5 + 1 (0.20.6?)

    The website says that 0.20.5 is the last "planned" release in the 0.20.x series.  
I don't know if the enhancement to the Ant task alone is worth doing a 0.20.6 release 
or what is the likelihood of a 0.20.6 release for other reasons.

3) Don't put it in the 0.20.x series.

    Please, please, don't pick this option.

I am willing to investigate and (to the best of my ability) fix any reported bugs in 
the Ant task if that will help the committers decide to put it in a "sooner" release.

>That would have the added benefit of allowing us to
>deprecate the Ant Task functionality currently in our
>own code.

I assume that if we targeted Ant 1.6, we would use the 0.20.x code base.  I don't know 
how it is done for other Ant tasks with external dependencies, but I suppose the Ant 
task would check to see if org.apache.fops.apps.Driver is on the classpath before 
preceding.  It also means that the Driver interface (or some other interface?) would 
have to be frozen.

-- Sean

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