Hello guys @ fop-dev !
Firstable, congratulation for your work on the fop API, we are using it here for 6 monthes now and it is a real success from the user point of view !!!
I work for a french TV Channel (so excuse my english) and we use FOP to generate catalogs of our programs. Until right now, we had no memory problem because we generated catalog of 300~400 pages on a 1Go RAM server.
But we hav to generate a big catalog (more than 1 000 pages) and FOP throws a OutOfMemoryException after 700~800 pages (depends on the number of images integrated).
So here's come the first stupid question : is there a way to make FOP swap on hard drive for big document generation (we don't care about the time it takes to generate our catalogs), if not, can you explain me why ? Do you know if XEP can swap on drive ?
And here's my second question, if the first response is "no", do you think we will be able to generate our monstruously big catalog if we add 2Go RAM on our server ?
Thanks forward for you responses, and congratulations again.

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