Hey, you are very much invited to help solve this problem. OpenSource is
not just a shop where everything is free and at the same time worth the
equivalent of a 100'000 USD including high-grade support for another 10K
a year. Do you actually realize how OpenSource works? Here at FOP we're
almost exclusively people who work on FOP in their free time without
being backed by an employer who sees the benefit of contributing back to
an OpenSource project. There are other projects at Apache where a big
company is backing a team of developers to work on the software. Not so
at FOP. We would all like to contribute more to the project but in the
end you have to find time to do it and you've got to buy something to

If you think this is a "stupid bug", then my all means sit down and try
to fix it. You'll end up with a huge pile of work. We're addressing the
issue in our redesign effort along with a lot of other problems. But
that obviously takes a while. Thank you for understanding.

Betrand's tip implies the following: Increasing the maximum VM size will
result in swapping done by the operating system if there's not enough
memory. This will have an enormous impact on performance but you'll have
a good chance of getting the PDF without an OutOfMemoryError. It's a tip,
not a cookbook recipe. By the way, there are lots of other tips on the
website to reduce memory usage.

On 12.07.2003 10:00:34 ali farahani wrote:
> OK, but what happens if you have 60 workstations with maximum 256 MB
> RAM!!!?  Are you saying that we should go and buy 60 256 RAM just for
> this stupid bug of FOP!!
> I am going to loose my trust to Open Source projects and Apache !

Jeremias Maerki

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