We're currently creating equivalent XMLReaders for the
FO Tree in two places, the Driver class (within the
run() method) and within the InputHandler class
get/createParser() methods (with an additional
SetParserFeatures() within the Starter class).  

I'd like to centralize all this into the Driver class,
and have a single createParser() function in one
place.  I realize that Driver may be going out the
window soon, so whatever replaces it will have full
control over parser-creating duties.

With this change, all internal calls of the
Driver.render() functions will no longer need to
create a parser to send to the Driver class prior to
calling render().  Currently AWTStarter, PrintStarter,
CommandLineStarter and FOPTask are all creating
parsers prior to calling render(), as below for

        XMLReader parser = inputHandler.getParser();
        render(parser, inputHandler.getInputSource());

They will have a new function to call (we'll keep the
above in case it's used externally):

public synchronized void render(InputSource source) 

that will eliminate each caller's need to create a
parser first.

Here is my +1.


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