I don't see a problem with the apps package reference the configuration
package. And it's almost the same code and with the same semantics
everywhere so this would actually reduce code.

On 21.07.2003 18:20:30 Glen Mazza wrote:
> Yes, I said InputHandler is where the parser is
> created--I just want that moved over to Driver
> (because driver is creating them to, with its own
> local instance, for external servlet usage).  This
> will help Victor's API simplification, also might help
> us deprecate InputHandler a bit.
> When TRAX and XSLTInputHandler are out the window
> (AHHH!!! ;) I don't think we'll need the
> FOInputHandler subclass anymore.  Everything can go in
> InputHandler.  
> The parsers in CR and PP may have different properties
> so for the time being, probably best for them to
> continue creating their own parsers.  At any rate, I
> wouldn't want code in the apps class to be referencing
> CR or PP's packages, just for the sake of a parser. 
> (In the other direction may be OK, but we'll wait
> until the API is nailed down for that I guess.)

Jeremias Maerki

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