Chris Bowditch wrote:

> It would be a loss. If you could spare time to test the trunk, you could
> report back on which bits of layout need attention. A sort of gap
> analysis
> for basic FO documents would be really useful. This in turn would help
> encourage development of the layout.
> I have run the trunk code before in an attempt to do this. I
> believe Victor
> and Jeremias were referring to the fact that you cant specify -c -d etc
> options on command line. You can still run FOP from command line,
> but FO to
> PDF only.

Right. I have some changes related to custom fonts that I want to submit,
and more I want to make, but it seemed unwise to commit them without being
able to see the before and after results. In other words, we need at least
some basic way of doing regression testing.

Victor Mote

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