Chris Bowditch wrote:

> thanks for taking the time to explain, I had a quick look at the code and
> have a basic understanding of what you've done. That change gets you one
> step closer to decoupling layout from the FO Tree. I'm interested in what
> the next step in the effort to decouple layout from the FO Tree will be.

I've been letting the compiler tell me what needs to be done. I have a
script that moves code not related to FO Tree to a different directory, then
I compile. The compile errors tell me what needs to be done. Sometimes it is
moving stuff from fo to some other location, sometimes it is vice versa.
Yesterday I added an FOTreeControl interface that Document implements, which
allows everything in fo to use that interface instead of Document & should
eventually decouple FO Tree even from apps/control. This would allow another
application to create and use the FO Tree stuff. That work isn't complete
yet. Right now I am trying to get area tree stuff in the extensions package
moved to layoutmgr and/or area. To get that step done I think I'll have to
start into actually using LayoutStrategy.

Victor Mote

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