Victor Mote wrote:
Christian Geisert wrote:
BTW any volunteer to write a nice readme.html for the download page like

I'll be glad to do it, but have one dumb question -- how?

Victor Mote

Hehe... I didn't know how either. I just copied those from the examples, and created an HTML file and submitted it (along with the fop_logo.jpg file--as stated in the 'bug' post, we still don't have an SVG version yet). I made it fairly long, as I included the "Running FOP" info along with the "Release Notes". Feel free to edit (read 'cut') at will! I submitted it as Bug 22627:

Naturally I forgot to add [PATCH] to the SUBJECT. Sorry! (I just changed it but we've all got e-mails that don't say [PATCH]).

I'd be interested in knowing as well. I especially like Cocoon's since it has content above *&* below the file listing!

Web Maestro Clay

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