Christian Geisert wrote:
"Patch" applied, thank you!
(just seperated in Header and Readme and removed some strange characters)

I'd be interested in knowing as well. I especially like Cocoon's since it has content above *&* below the file listing!

It's quite simple, Apache HTTP Server just adds the html fragments

bash-2.05a$ cat .htaccess
IndexIgnore  HEADER.html README.html images
HeaderName   HEADER.html
ReadmeName   README.html

There are a lot of more options (like AddDescription, AddIcon),

Web Maestro Clay


Wow! Cool! Thanks for appling this! BTW, if you want to see this in action, this is the only one I saw that had the README stuff (looks bitchin!):

We might want to add a link to this near the top instead of at the bottom, so users are more likely to see our 'hard' work ;-p:

Have a nice day!

Web Maestro Clay

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