Jeff Turner wrote:

> The attached patch will get FOP documentation building cleanly with the
> imminent Forrest 0.5 release.  There are two changes:
>  - It creates a new file, src/documentation/sitemap-0.5.xmap, which is a
>    0.5-specific version of FOP's overridden sitemap.  This means the site
>    can continue to be built with the old Forrest, and everyone doesn't
>    have to upgrade at once.
>  - It comments out the DOCTYPE declarations from the SVG image files.
>    This is a workaround for what appears to be a Cocoon bug
>    (ClassCastExceptions when looking up the DTD).
> Incidentally, I noticed a recent discussion about creating a unified PDF
> manual for FOP.  Forrest 0.5 has a 'site.pdf' matcher, which generates a
> PDF of the whole site.  It would be quite simple to modify the relevant
> sitemap (aggregate.xmap) to only merge the subset of XML docs comprising
> the manual.  This would require adopting a unified site.xml menu file,
> instead of the per-directory book.xml's that FOP currently uses.

Thanks, Jeff. I should be able to get to this later today or tomorrow.

Victor Mote

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