Jeff Turner wrote:

> The attached patch will get FOP documentation building cleanly with the
> imminent Forrest 0.5 release.  There are two changes:
>  - It creates a new file, src/documentation/sitemap-0.5.xmap, which is a
>    0.5-specific version of FOP's overridden sitemap.  This means the site
>    can continue to be built with the old Forrest, and everyone doesn't
>    have to upgrade at once.
>  - It comments out the DOCTYPE declarations from the SVG image files.
>    This is a workaround for what appears to be a Cocoon bug
>    (ClassCastExceptions when looking up the DTD).

I have applied this patch. Thanks, Jeff, very much for your efforts in
reducing the impact of the upgrade.

> Incidentally, I noticed a recent discussion about creating a unified PDF
> manual for FOP.  Forrest 0.5 has a 'site.pdf' matcher, which generates a
> PDF of the whole site.  It would be quite simple to modify the relevant
> sitemap (aggregate.xmap) to only merge the subset of XML docs comprising
> the manual.  This would require adopting a unified site.xml menu file,
> instead of the per-directory book.xml's that FOP currently uses.

Unless anyone thinks this is urgent, I'm going to defer working on this
until we get, er, the technology that Forrest uses to create PDFs, working a
bit, ahem, better. OTOH, perhaps Clay or someone else would like to jump in
& digest the new features of 0.5.

Victor Mote

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