Victor Mote wrote:
Incidentally, I noticed a recent discussion about creating a unified PDF
manual for FOP.  Forrest 0.5 has a 'site.pdf' matcher, which generates a
PDF of the whole site.  It would be quite simple to modify the relevant
sitemap (aggregate.xmap) to only merge the subset of XML docs comprising
the manual.  This would require adopting a unified site.xml menu file,
instead of the per-directory book.xml's that FOP currently uses.

Unless anyone thinks this is urgent, I'm going to defer working on this until we get, er, the technology that Forrest uses to create PDFs, working a bit, ahem, better. OTOH, perhaps Clay or someone else would like to jump in & digest the new features of 0.5.

Victor Mote

Sounds good to me.

Having never played around with Forrest, I'd like a little help getting up to speed. Victor (et al), could you give me any pointers or links to things I should pay attention to in building this? In particular, tips on how to get started, as well as any links that will help get me on my way (such as FOP's site.xml in CVS, and any other such links), as well as perhaps showing me (if you know) how to change one of the sections and/or links, I'll do what it takes to extrapolate that to the rest of the site.

I've taken a gander at for some ideas, and that's helpful. I'll also spend some time going through their docs. BTW, I notice that 0.5 is still unreleased... Anyway, I'd be happy to check some of this stuff out...

Web Maestro Clay

p.s. I'll be going to Kaua'i for my birthday (at the end of next week--lucky me!) Hopefully I'll be far along in the process by then... ;-p

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