I added in a new Batik extension element mapping in
our main trunk code--this should help you.  It is not
perfect--I noticed a hyphenation warning during
running your sample fo document; also I ran one of the
samples in the Batik directory (I embedded gears.svg
into an FO document)--it *appears* to work, but
several issues may appear on our side or Batik's that
we will need to fix.

Please test it out--wait 6 hours for a nightly
snapshot to appear (see our Download link on the main
FOP page)--any problems you find, please add to
Bugzilla, so we can get them fixed.  (You'll find a
"Bugs" link on the main FOP page.)


--- Jay Chiu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Attached please find a sample fo file with embedded
> svg object.
> You may also take a look at the batik samples,
> xml-batik/samples/extensions/flow/flowtext.svg

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