Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> I'm not in a fighter mood today so please change getContentHandler()
> to something other than public, make sure you check the test cases
> regularly, adjust the example code to the new API and keep in mind that
> Cocooners will want to migrate their FOPSerializer some day (They use
> getContentHandler() at the moment).

I am not sure whether this is all a problem I caused or not. The changes I
made were *supposed* to be in-place (which made them awkward) and not cause
API problems, but sometimes that works differently in theory than in
practice. AFAIK, we *must* rely on timely user testing to find these

If we have test cases that need to be run, then we need to document that
process. The last comments I remember (from Keiron, IIRC) were that testing
was hopelessly broken and not yet worth fixing. I know Joerg has a testing
scheme in place, but I think it is not what you are talking about. See:

WRT API dependencies, we need to either document them or delegate the
management of them to someone who knows them.

Please let me know if I need to fix something here. I seem to be hopelessly
lost WRT where we are going with API issues, but as long as they don't
prevent us from cleaning up FOP's underlying design, I'll be glad to help
any way I can.

Victor Mote

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