--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Also, if possible, please let me know what you
> decide. I am evaluating
> in-progress projects right now to determine which
> ones I should finish and
> which ones I should abandon as I exit the project.

You've mentioned before, I believe, there was some
things you wished to do to improve the fonts.  That
may be good--because most of us have not researched

> If LayoutStrategy
> survives reasonably intact, I am much inclined to
> try to complete the port
> of the pioneer LS. 

I'd rather you not.  I don't want to have to maintain
the 0.20.x layout strategy in addition to the 1.0
strategy in 1.0.  The committers and contributors
(Simon and Chris, in particular) are happy working on
the improving 1.0 layout and wish to remain with it.

Recent patches (hyphenation, borders) to 1.0 LS have
made 0.20.x even more behind.  Also, the 1.0 Area Tree
and Renderers are incompatible with 0.20.x LS, I don't
want their architectures changed in order to
accomodate it.

Those who wish to use the 0.20.x layout strategy can
continue to run 0.20.x.

Let the decision to bring in that LS be with the ones
who will have to maintain it.  As for me, getting one
LS right is more than enough work.


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