On 12.11.2003 19:11:26 Victor Mote wrote:
> If we have test cases that need to be run, then we need to document that
> process. The last comments I remember (from Keiron, IIRC) were that testing
> was hopelessly broken and not yet worth fixing. I know Joerg has a testing
> scheme in place, but I think it is not what you are talking about. See:
> http://xml.apache.org/fop/dev/testing.html

Well, there are different levels of testing. It may well be that
compliance testing (which I think Keiron referred to) is broken. We need
a better approach anyway. That's on my long term task list BTW. Joerg
and I both have ideas in this area, not the same but hopefully
complementary ones.

Anyway, I've added some basic functionality or API tests some time ago.
These are called during build IF JUnit is installed in your Ant
installation. Just copying junit.jar into Ant's lib directory should do
it. The build will then check if the high-level APIs for Driver and the
Transcoders work. They don't check what is generated, only if something
is generated and without exceptions. I'd appreciate if all committers
made the basic JUnit tests work in their environments.

> WRT API dependencies, we need to either document them or delegate the
> management of them to someone who knows them.

Sorry but I don't exactly get what you're targeting here.

> Please let me know if I need to fix something here. I seem to be hopelessly
> lost WRT where we are going with API issues, but as long as they don't
> prevent us from cleaning up FOP's underlying design, I'll be glad to help
> any way I can.

I'm a bit lost, too. We had lots of discussion but I think there was no
real consensus. I still want to put my API proposal to action one day,
but probably outside FOP at the beginning. I simply have too little time
and too many ideas and tasks on my personal todo list. I think we simply
need to make sure not to produce unnecessary obstacles for potential
patch-makers. That's why I advocate a stable API and API deprecation
instead of API modification and it's why I wrote those basic JUnit tests.

Jeremias Maerki

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