Yes, it is a multithreaded environment. 
Fop version: 0.20.5
JDK version: 1.4.1_01
O/S: Win2000

So would this be caused by 2 threads using the same instance of a
Driver, or 2 threads using the same instance of a compiled template, or
something else?

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Subject: Re: Need help deciphering NullPointerException from FOP

>From: "Jeremy Nix" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>This NullPointerException appears to be coming from with the FOP 
>internals, but I'm unsure of what the actual cause is.  I was not 
>receiving this problem until I recently switched from XSLT to XSLTC, 
>and the problem does not always arise.  I'm caching both my compiled 
>templates, and my drivers, but the drivers I make sure to reset after 
>each use.  Just curious if someone else has come across this type of


>Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
>       at
>       at
>       at
>       at


Sounds like a threading issue. The configuration for FOP is held in
variables. And since its falling over on the font stuff it sounds like
statics are getting corrupted. Possibly by two simultaneous calls to the

Options constructor.

You didnt give much info on your environment, are running FOP in a 
Mulit-threaded environment? What version of FOP you are using. I'm


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