I never create a new Configuration.  Is this something that I should be
doing?  The only interaction I do with Configuration is: 

Configuration.put("baseDir", System.getProperty("user.dir"));

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Jeremy Nix wrote:
> I've reviewed the steps here (many times), and I pool a number of 
> Driver objects for my rendering.

The important question is: how do you handle Configuration?
Do you call new Configuration() more than once?

>  The only conclusion I could come up with was
> something with the precompiled xsl was causing my troubled.  I only 
> received this nullpointer exception when I pre-compiled my xsl 
> documents into templates objects and tried utilizing these templates 
> in a multi-threaded environment.

There's no hint this could be your problem, although XSLTC is known to
have bugs, including throwing unexpected NPEs.


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