Looks like I really put my foot into it this time ;-)

I have repeated the measurements I did yesterday and I
think that it is a pretty reasonable conclusion that a
lot of resources are consumed by FOP in its rather
Byzantine property management code. 

I just spent a while trying to understand PropertyList
and PropertyListBuilder and found out that I need to
understand Property and Property.Maker as well. I think
I am going to have to help with this part of the project
but it is going to take a while.

I offered (off-line) to look merging the Alt-Design code
in to the main branch but I suspect that there are some
different directions associated with this. Perhaps this
is the reason it has not been done so far. I am still willing
to work on this but I don't want to walk in to a firefight.

I believe the measurements I did yesterday and I feel that
a bit of algorithm replacement should produce a significant
improvement in the program. I would also like to suggest
that anyone interested in performance look at Java Memory
Profiler at http://www.khelekore.org/jmp/performance.html

I suspect there are still major memory leaks in FOP and this
is one tool that will help you track them down.


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