Peter B. West wrote:

> The last assessment of the situation that I can recall on this list was
> that property handling is working satisfactorily so there is no need to
> pay any attention to it.  Yes, really.

I don't think this is quite right. It is a matter of priorities. Property
handling works, layout does not.

I can't speak for others, but my hangup on alt-design properties that has
prevented progress is that it so far has been presented as inextricably
linked to pull-parsing and the other parts of alt-design. Until either 1)
the case for that approach has been made more satisfactorily than it has
until now, or 2) alt-design property handling can be unbundled from
pull-parsing, it really is too much to ask to take the alt-design approach.

Especially with the FO Tree isolated, I am glad to have someone step in and
improve its performance, if (and only if) we nail down its API to the rest
of FOP so that the rest of FOP doesn't have to know what is going on here.

Victor Mote

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