Peter B. West wrote:

> I'm fuzzy with this stuff, but isn't renderer-context a new notion?
> What you are calling renderer-context was previously only associated
> with the renderer as such, wasn't it?  I'm assuming that the
> renderer-context is something that amalgamates font metrics.  Renderers
> share a context if, among other things, their fonts share common
> metrics.  Is this what you mean?

Yes, pretty much. I had pushed a bit to try to make render context one of
the high-level control objects, with the idea that the Area Tree could be
reused by additional renderers.

> > Another idea on the AWT font issue is to allow the user to register the
> > location of the AWT font just like they would any other font.
> This would be
> > equivalent to saying "use the AWT metrics for this font, but get the
> > physical font from a certain file". The problem there is, of
> course, that
> > you introduce another possible layer of errors (can find the
> AWT metrics but
> > not the physical file, or vice versa), but I think that would be quite
> > managable.
> >
> Speaking of errors: can find the AWT metrics, but they don't match the
> metrics of the font file.

Yes, this can get ugly. If anybody knows of a way to find the physical font
file from an awt Font object, please speak up. That is the only correct
solution to this problem.

Victor Mote

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