I love Eclipse despite little deficiencies:

- I constantly use Eclipse's CVS functions and the only problem I
experience is my difficulty with the merge function which can sometimes
be troublesome. 
- Missing remove trailing spaces function.
- NPE in PDFWArray inside Eclipse (don't know whether that's because of
Checkstyle or Eclipse)

Some pros on the other side:
- Good refactoring support
- Excellent plugins available (for Checkstyle, for example)
- doesn't cost much :-)

What are your remaining problems with Eclipse? Only the Ant thing or
something else? Just curious. IMO the changes I've done to FOP's
directory structure should have fixed all problems inhibiting working in
Eclipse. I do the code generation part outside Eclipse using "ant
codegen" and include the "build\gensrc" directory with the generated
sources inside Eclipse.

On 21.11.2003 20:09:05 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> John Austin wrote:
> > Peter has mentioned Eclipse and I have used VisualAge for 
> > Java, and either NetBeans or the Sun form thereof.
> Eclipse is good enough, open source, and available for most
> Unixish platforms. Using the Eclipse CVS for dealing with
> FOP may prove to be a bit more difficult then it ought to
> be (also due to CVS and FOP peculiarities), I resorted to
> the CVS CLI.

Jeremias Maerki

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