Thanks, Finn and John Austin, for your efforts here.

Victor, not to rush you, but how agreeable are you in
general on switching to integer enumerations for FOP
properties?  (Given Alt-Design, Peter obviously
approves.)  I checked Alt-Design's[1]
and liked what I saw.  It doesn't necessarily have to
be that particular design, just the idea of integer
constants in general.


Joerg? Jeremias?

In addition to the performance improvements,
I suggested before we could have some form of

// very rough pseudocode
checkPropertySupported (int property) {
    return isSupported[property];

to quickly index properties supported for a particular

Also, for toString() implementations that will list
*all* the properties for a particular FO, we might be
able to have something very simple like this:

class FObj:

String toString {
   String state;
   for (int i; i < PROPMAX; i++) {
      state += getPropertyValue(i).toString() + "\n"; 
   return state;

It appears that using int constants gives us more ways
to efficiently work with the data.  


--- Finn Bock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Inspired by the recent talk about optimizations, I
> have tried to look
> for low hanging fruits that can speed up FOP, and as
> I expected I did 
> not find any silver bullets.

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