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> Peter B. West wrote:
> > The statements are getting extreme.  Let's just agree to differ.  I'm
> > happy to let my code and the design that underlies it do my talking.
> OK. For the reasons already mentioned, this does not work for me.
> I consider
> this kind of behavior to be uncivilized. However, I have to consider the
> possibility that the problem lies with me. Since this is the
> second time in
> the last several months that I have had to call someone out for
> unsupported
> (and unsupportable) conclusions, and since I have had to do so alone, and
> indeed stand alone here, it seems probable that this is just the
> way things
> work, and that I should somehow adapt myself to it. That ain't going to
> happen. I would rather go away than to be the guy that everyone
> wishes would
> go away. So, adios.


With all due respect, I think you're overreacting here. Maybe you already
know this yourself, and have changed your mind about the 'adios'... Anyway,
I have been following the discussions between Peter and yourself (--at least
the recent ones, which may be exactly why I'm convinced this is all strongly
Before you leave, I have a thing or two to add about one of the previous
posts in this thread, where you are talking about an abstract 'team' where
at first 100 percent of the committers are pro one particular design --you
know, the part about 'choosing sides' and how this affects global efficiency
within a project. Since the post in question was composed shortly after my
'heads up' to Peter, I can't help but feel it's somehow related to that.
Perhaps you would rather have seen me (or others) having a go at him as
It definitely was never my intention to occupy myself with something so
mean/common as 'choosing sides'. Fact of the matter is that, for the moment
I *know* too little about the workings of FOP (either HEAD or alt-design) to
actually have a thoroughly reflected preference for either approach.
Hey, maybe I just need to catch up on the archives, and will then suddenly
discover what kind of a pest Peter really is... but right now, I lack any
indication of him trying to undermine every one of your design proposals,
neither have I been confronted with any evidence that he is actually trying
to force anyone to see things *his* way at the cost of everything else (and
these are two things you seem to be _reproaching_ him in your replies).
Re-reading Peter's posts, on the contrary, I see someone who was daring
enough at some point to say: "I'm going to try it like that, regardless of
what the rest of you does." Some time later, he came to the conclusion that
he wouldn't solve some of the issues the others were trying to solve at the
time he went his own path, and now he's here again --to see if any of the
issues have already been sorted out.
Look, I can understand your agitation stemming from the fact that you had
put considerable time and effort into providing a means to be able to choose
between different layout strategies, and now it turns out this wasn't really
necessary after all --and Peter's shrugging his shoulders, which obviously
would cause a lot of frustration with (and would thus come across as
offending to) someone who takes the project seriously, like yourself.
However, right now, reacting the way you do, I'm getting the impression
you're taking it waaay *too* seriously --in fact, you have been doing that
all along. It almost seems like you are backing out now, because you see a
certain failure ahead and you want to avoid it. You just don't want to be
there when it turns out your proposals were worthless to begin with.
Nowhere have I read any allusion to you as the guy everyone else wishes
would go away (perhaps somewhere in the whitespace in between two words in
one of Glen's posts ;) ) Things get rough sometimes, not everyone is as
fluent in expressing himself in writing, and, as it turns out, not everyone
seems to be as fluent in reading what is written...

> I have a great amount of respect for everyone on this team, and
> wish you all
> well. I very much regret leaving my various interests in the project
> unfinished.

To be honest: whether you decide to stay or not, I'll certainly be
frequenting this list for some time to come... too bad I just considered
myself ready to start studying your FO tree in more detail ( Peter could
turn out to need it as well )  :)



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