On 17.12.2003 15:25:37 Victor Mote wrote:
> I would rather go away than to be the guy that everyone wishes would
> go away.

Ok, Victor, until that happens I'd like you to stay. I don't see *any*
indication that *anyone* wishes that *anybody* should go away. Well, our
moderators would surely like to get rid of all spammers. But seriously,
please reconsider your decision, maybe take a break from the mailing
list to clear your head. Consensus is sometimes hard to find especially
over such an problematic medium such as this mailing list. Intentions
are always difficult to transmit. Mails take a long time to write, time
we usually don't have and would rather spend programming. I think we all
share that frustration. Maybe we should all buy a webcam so we can
occasionally chat together face to face as we're all a long way from
each other.

Now the following is not only directed to you, Victor, but to everyone
else as well. Just personal opinions:

I followed the wars on the Avalon mailing list which at one time even
produced a victim in form of a partial expulsion from the ASF. I would
be very sad to have to see similar things here, especially in the
project's present state.

I told Glen this summer that it's better to fire away with changes than
letting himself block by myself who, at that time, only injected his
ideas and opinions but without code to back them. What this project
needs is people who simply do it (tm). A good design is useful but
obviously it's not so simple to find in our case. We can't live without
some sort of design that gives use some direction but things like
Victor's pluggable LayoutStrategy may really help, if we need to
investigate different approaches. I'd rather have two or three
half-completed layout approaches with lots of things learned than not a
single working one with a community at total stand-still. We failed to
integrate Peter's branch into HEAD but maybe that's also because it was
too big a bundle at one time.

Everyone should accept that another person has a different opinion. That
shouldn't block us in our work. We all look forward to the same goal.
That much I know or else we wouldn't be here.

So, I mostly agree with Joerg's and Andreas' recent comments. Please
let's focus on coding even if we may have to throw away little parts
again in the process. (This doesn't mean I don't want to see anymore
threads on design.) I think one of the most important points we learned
since the redesign decision is to better split up the whole thing so
it's easier (and less painful) to change if we run into a dead-end

Jeremias Maerki

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