(I think a new thread is appropriate)

> Batik extends text attributes with kerning, word and character spacing. The
> beauty of pure Java2D text is : you do not have to preprocess fonts files
> and to deal with glyph metrics. If you want I will send you my font test
> program.

This would be nice. Thanks.

> What is your idea of a typesetting API? Something like a FOP renderer
> interface, storing a document as graphics objects in memory, a formatter?

I would like to have an API that enables high quality typesetting for 
every Java application. This way FOP could replace *TeX sooner or later
and, in the best case, Swing applications would be able to show
ligatures etc. I would like to have a complete XML/Java based publishing
workflow including some nice applications like a graphical stylesheet

The typesetting API should typeset text a beautiful way. What it needs to
do so is the character to typeset and enough meta information:

                _________________               ____________________
 Text + Meta   |                 |  abstract   |                    |
-------------->| typesetting API |------------>| further processing |
 Information   |_________________|   result    |____________________|

Although not very familiar with the FOP code, FOP must do this somewhere
(IIRC the area package?). Therefore I would have to look how
do it. If Batik has already some kind of kerning support it would be
of interest too. A look on iText won't hurt either. After that I should
be able to tell what all of them have in common, if the process could
be generalized and if the current Java API (java.text package etc.)
could be extended or would have to be replaced.

Of course font handling would be another field of interest: Which font
formats are/should be supported, how has an unified representation of
fonts to look like (how is it done in Java, FOP,...). Where are the
benefits, drawbacks of the different solutions...


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