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> Am So, den 21.12.2003 schrieb Simon Pepping um 19:38:
> > Are you aware that there is a (completely faithful) reimplementation
> > of TeX in Java? It is called NTS, and can be found on CTAN,
> > e.g. www.tex.ac.uk or ftp.tex.ac.uk. IIRC it is to be found in
> > directory systems.
> Jep. Had a short look at it. But as you say: It seems to be a
> reimplmentation of TeX. That's ok, cause that was the goal for version
> 1.0 but as far as I can see it's (sorry) nearly useless. I'm not that
> deep in the NTS code to be sure, but because it's a reimplementation I
> could image that NTS simulates ASCII-code instead of using Unicode. So
> there would be no additional value. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

That is correct, except that the limitations in NTS are artificial and
could be relaxed.

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