On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 06:14:29PM +0000, Christian Ziesemer wrote:
> (I think a new thread is appropriate)
> > What is your idea of a typesetting API? Something like a FOP renderer
> > interface, storing a document as graphics objects in memory, a formatter?
> I would like to have an API that enables high quality typesetting for 
> every Java application. This way FOP could replace *TeX sooner or later
> and, in the best case, Swing applications would be able to show
> ligatures etc. I would like to have a complete XML/Java based publishing
> workflow including some nice applications like a graphical stylesheet
> editor.

Hear, hear. I am here to see and help make this happen.
> Although not very familiar with the FOP code, FOP must do this somewhere
> (IIRC the area package?). Therefore I would have to look how
>   -FOP
>   -Java
>   -TeX

Are you aware that there is a (completely faithful) reimplementation
of TeX in Java? It is called NTS, and can be found on CTAN,
e.g. www.tex.ac.uk or ftp.tex.ac.uk. IIRC it is to be found in
directory systems.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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