After 'fixing' the master-reference issue in my copy of the NIST test suite, I ran the tests against 0.20.5 and 1.0dev and merged the result side by side into a single .pdf file.

You can download the result (1Mb) here:


For some reason the pdf does not display correctly in my browsers, so it is better to download it. The merged pdf file is created using iText.

The square to the left contains the output from 0.20.5 and the square on the right the output from HEAD.

Here is also a merge between the pdf files that comes with the NIST suite and head:


There is still a few issues left to fix <wink>.

Another way of using the test suite could be to compare a binary image of the pages against some kind of reference. Has such a approach been tried? Does anyone know of available software that can render a PDF as an image file?


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