John Austin wrote:
RedHat 9.0 (my system anyhow) includes a command 'pdftopbm' that will
convert a PDF to multiple PBM (protable Bit Map) files that might be
>It would certainly help detect pixel-sized changes.
That might help regression testing.

We need regression tests badly. Some problems to ponder: a) Tests need to be automated for actually being useful. JUnit seems the way to go. Unfortuanately, it's still underutiliyed in FOP. b) We don't have much *unit* tests. There's only the We need much more tests for basic functionality. The problem seems to be however that an elaborated test harness needs to be written in order to do unt tests for, e.g. layout managers. c) In order to test the whole engine at once, from FO input to generating PDF/whatever, well, a binary compare with a pregenerated PDF would be as sufficient as comparing bitmap images. Problems here: + The files to compare against are binary, and consume a lot of space. Well, take a look at which uses MD5 sums, one for the FO in order to detect accidental changes to the source, and one for the result. + Even small changes have potential to break the whole test suite, even if nothing important changed, let's say the order of entries in a PDF dictionary. Rendering bitmaps from PDF eliminates this, but then you wont find regressions in non-visible stuff. All in all, if there are 143 template PDFs and a change causes mismatches for all, what will you do? Examine everything, comparing pixels, check whether there are visible differences at all, and then judge whether the original or the newly generated PDF is at fault? I don't think this will be done often.

Ideas welcome!


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