On Thu, 2003-12-25 at 11:42, Finn Bock wrote:
> Hi,
> After 'fixing' the master-reference issue in my copy of the NIST test 
> suite, I ran the tests against 0.20.5 and 1.0dev and merged the result 
> side by side into a single .pdf file.
> You can download the result (1Mb) here:
>     http://bckfnn-modules.sf.net/out-0.20.5-1.0.pdf
> For some reason the pdf does not display correctly in my browsers, so it 
> is better to download it. The merged pdf file is created using iText.
> The square to the left contains the output from 0.20.5 and the square on 
> the right the output from HEAD.
> Here is also a merge between the pdf files that comes with the NIST 
> suite and head:
>     http://bckfnn-modules.sf.net/out-nist-1.0.pdf
> There is still a few issues left to fix <wink>.
> Another way of using the test suite could be to compare a binary image 
> of the pages against some kind of reference. Has such a approach been 
> tried? Does anyone know of available software that can render a PDF as 
> an image file?

RedHat 9.0 (my system anyhow) includes a command 'pdftopbm' that will
convert a PDF to multiple PBM (protable Bit Map) files that might be
comparable. They would be convertable in to other formats such as PNG
(or GIF for the patent-minded). 

I found the result pretty poor (ugly text badly in need of
anti-aliasing). That might help contribute to keeping images 
similar. It would certainly help detect pixel-sized changes.
That might help regression testing.

There are suggestions on the Net that Ghostcript can do this sort of 
conversion as well.

GIMP can read a PDF as well. When I tried it, I got a graphic for every
pair of pages (my doc was over 133 pages). Perhaps some script-fu ... ?

> regards,
> finn

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