--- "J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Peter Herweg wrote:
> > now that i got an cvs.apache.org account i'd need
> some help with uploading
> > the ssh key.
> ...

Which tool did you finally use to create the SSH key,
and where do you run it?

> > I also tried to generate a new public/private key
> pair with gpg. 

Joerg, from what you're saying below, this is what we
use for our apache.org email address only, correct?

> That works
> > but there is no private key file generated, which
> i have to pass to
> > putty/plink.
> > 
> > Do i even have to use gpg?
> No. GPG/PGP is for encrypting/signing files and
> mails. There are currently
> three widely used public key schemes:
> GPG/PGP/OpenPGP, X.509 (certificates)
> and SSH, each using its own format for storing keys
> and associated information.
> Confused?

Yes.  What is this SSH key for--Do we use ssh keygen
directly on cvs.apache.org to generate the DSA/RSA key
you're mentioning?  The newbie pages do not seem to
give any instruction on this.


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