Glen Mazza wrote:
1) I guess we're to use SSH2 and not SSH1,
SSH1 and SSH2 are versions of the protocol, in particular
the initial handshake. The SSH1 had a vulnerability. Which
protocol is used is determined in the initial handshake,
for compatibility. A prodent server administrator disables
SSH1 for sshd.

but does it
matter whether we use DSA or RSA?  Is one much slower
than the other?
I don't think it matters much. I vaguely remember DSA was
introduced because of the RSA, Inc. patent.

3) To use Putty on my work computer (besides my one at
home--where I've just created the key), should I
create another private/public key pair, and append the
public key to my authorized_keys/keys2 file, or just
transfer my private key to the second computer (via
floppy disk, etc.)--what is the more usual/accepted

It's probably a matter of taste. I personally would use two keys. And I wouldn't use a key on my work machine unless I'm totally and utterly sure it can't be compromised.


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