Glen Mazza wrote:
Which tool did you finally use to create the SSH key,
and where do you run it?

Cygwin ssh-keygen.

Joerg, from what you're saying below, this is what we
use for our email address only, correct?

I'm not sure what you mean here.

Yes.  What is this SSH key for--Do we use ssh keygen
directly on to generate the DSA/RSA key
you're mentioning?  The newbie pages do not seem to
give any instruction on this.

Hmm, someone should write it up in the wiki. The key is generated on the local machine. The private key is stored in a location determined by the ssh client you use. In order to get the public key onto the target machine, log in, create the ~/.ssh directory, then scp the public key to the appropriate file. Private keys on remote machines not under your control are a no-no.


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