[Carmelo Montanez]

Hi Folks:

Somehow the final copy of the test suite was not uploaded to either our
server at NIST or W3C.  I uploaded a copy of the latest suite version
to the following link:


I will make sure it is at the W3c and NIST server soon.

Wow, that is quite a developement between the two versions.

I've tested FOP with the new suite, and I think there is a few issues with the test suite itself.

- NIST/rendering-model/renderingmodel2 expect nist.gif to be available.
- NIST/table-header/thfoSingleCell1.xml there is a <fo:block/> element
  but the fo namespace is undeclared, so the test can't be transformed.
- NIST/table-header/thfoDoubleCell.xml same at thfoSingleCell1.xml
- NIST/table-header/thfoBorderStyle9.xsl, a closing quote is missing on
  line 12:
    <xsl:attribute name = "border-collapse>collapse</xsl:attribute>
- NIST/wrapper/wrfoBlockColor1.xsl, an extra '<' char at line 135.
- NIST/page-sequence/psfopagemaster1 isn't using master-reference:
     <fo:page-sequence master-name="test-page-master1">
- NIST/area-dimension/adp-height1, the oransq.jpg is not included.
- NIST/miscellaneous/misc-list1, the file crosshair1.jpg isn't included.


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