Glen Mazza wrote:

It's probably not *yet* time to set 1.4 as the JDK to
code against for 1.0, but it probably wouldn't be much
of a disaster if we did so either.

The main thing to bear in mind is that a few platforms dont support the later versions of Java. This will mean excluding those users from deploying FOP on their production servers and mainframes.

By the time 1.0 is release-ready, 90% will either be
on 1.4 or will be upgrading to 1.4 along with the
upgrade of FOP 0.20.x to 1.0. The remaining 10% can
linger on 0.20.x for the few extra months they need.

I did a quick search of the archives and found the thread that decrees 1.1 will no longer be supported and the minimum JDK is 1.2. AFAICT 1.2 has never officially been dropped. It is an old/long thread, but it may be useful in making a decision here.

I'm not inclined to recode it (Finn's code anyway ;),
and Peter has more important things to focus on as
well.  Let's concentrate on making that 90% of users
overjoyed right now--and the other 10% in a few more
months after that.

Its not a show stopper for me, but I think we should keep use of 1.4 specific methods to a minimum until we agree that 1.3 is dead.

Any other opinions, comments?


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