I don't want to start a war here, but if (& that's a big "if") we're going to go through the hassle of doing an RC, does it make sense to "insert" any "new" functionality into FOP, like TIF output? I understand Oleg Tkachenko's work for TIF is complete (or nearly complete), but (like many PATCHes) was excluded due to code-freeze. My company just implemented some systems which use TIF output, and we have to go through hoops (XML/XSL-FO=>PostScript and then from Postscript=>TIF via GhostScript). It works but is clunky. Since it works, this isn't a make-or-break for me, but is more of a "would be nice"...

I don't know what else there is out there in the way of "completed" PATCHes for highly desirable benefits that are ready (or almost ready) for prime time. There could certainly be other items we're missing due to the self-imposed code freeze.

For me the issue is not so much what other things can we shoe-horn into FOP. It's more of an issue with "what features can be added to FOP to make it even more desirable and get more users (and developers) on board".

Web Maestro Clay

On Jan 7, 2004, at 12:42 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:
J.Pietschmann wrote:

Well, we could release the current CVS as The table memory
fix is probably important to many users. THere is a slo a minor fix
concerning leader expansion there.

Okay, but you said yourself that the adjustments you made to tables has probably broken some other things, so we would need to go through a RC, and bug fix cycle.


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