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> I understand the desire to add new features like the Tif generator into
> the maintenance code. However, doing so would mean effort is distracted
> away from HEAD development. The sooner we can do a release from HEAD
> then the sooner FOP gets out of the twilight zone.

I tend to agree with Chris here.
Maybe the current CVS code for maintenance could be just built and added to
the distributions download page. Then we can put a bit of explanation on the
web page for those interested ... but I'd keep the fuss rather minimal for
the moment (--but maybe nothing but my lazy alter ego speaking here ;) )
There may be quite some work left on HEAD, but in the last few weeks, I'm
getting the impression that things are actually moving forward (cfr. Finn's
and Simon's numerous patch proposals to Layout and Properties) Apart from a
committer deciding to leave (or, at least, take a step back from) FOP, we
have had little or no drawbacks in dev lately, so my guess would be that all
is looking quite good (for now)

If a vote were being called? Hmmm... tough one... I guess one thing we
mustn't forget is that --how long exactly has it been since there was talk
about 'the redesigned FOP'? If judged from that side, to release another
'minor update' would be a mistake IMHO. OTOH I have currently too little
info (and too much enthousiasm) to make a clear, educated guess about the
time it will take to get the current HEAD ready for average use...

I would refrain: 0

> Clay Leeds wrote:

> Then again, even the prospect of reading and/or responding to this
> thread takes the good fop-dev committing team away from HEAD
> development, so this'll be my last post on the subject unless further
> discussion is warranted.


Jus' remember: all recipients who do not want to read, have the choice to
ignore your message upon receipt. Good ideas, fella, good ideas are *always*
welcome :)



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