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I don't want to start a war here, but if (& that's a big "if") we're going to go through the hassle of doing an RC, does it make sense to "insert" any "new" functionality into FOP, like TIF output? I understand Oleg Tkachenko's work for TIF is complete (or nearly complete), but (like many PATCHes) was excluded due to code-freeze. My company just implemented some systems which use TIF output, and we have to go through hoops (XML/XSL-FO=>PostScript and then from Postscript=>TIF via GhostScript). It works but is clunky. Since it works, this isn't a make-or-break for me, but is more of a "would be nice"...

I understand the desire to add new features like the Tif generator into the maintenance code. However, doing so would mean effort is distracted away from HEAD development. The sooner we can do a release from HEAD then the sooner FOP gets out of the twilight zone.


Thanks for the respectful response. I'm aware that HEAD release is adversely affected by MAINTENANCE work (hence the "I don't want to start a ware here, but..." :-)), however, I posted this for a few of reasons: 1) fop-dev team might discuss this in light of the possibility of another release and/or RC; 2) aside from the table/memory issues, I wonder what other changes would be included; 3) what PATCHes to fop-0_20_2-maintain were close to completion prior to code-freeze?

Since I'm starting to get up to speed w CVS, I guess I can go and look myself for 2 & 3. As for #3, I guess part of that would hinge on whether the PATCH developer currently has the time to devote to adjusting the code for 0.20.51 (or whatever it'll be called). In the case of TIF output, I believe the developer wrote it for 0.20.3.

Then again, even the prospect of reading and/or responding to this thread takes the good fop-dev committing team away from HEAD development, so this'll be my last post on the subject unless further discussion is warranted.

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