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On Jan 8, 2004, at 1:24 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:
Eliot Kimber wrote:
Since the OpenType font metrics wouldn't include the kerning I don't know if it would be useful for full FOP, but it should be sufficient to allow basic font metrics for CFF OpenType fonts.

Sounds good, i'm sure it will be useful for FOP even within kerning.

I haven't had a chance yet to test this with the XML font data-based font metrics because it's the end of the day and now I can't find the font metrics class that would apply (as opposed to the AWTFontMetrics class).
Let me know if I should provide patches to someone. I used the 0.20.2-maintenance code as my base.

It's just a thought (and I'm not trying to look a gift-horse in the mouth! :-)), but perhaps you could work with those working on the HEAD branch, to make a unified diff for all changed file against HEAD. That way we can be certain all the code you've created works and cause no problems under HEAD--the official development branch of FOP (0.20.2-maintenance is under a code-freeze which is apparently about to thaw a little bit). I think it would be best if you personally helped get your code into HEAD now, while everything is still fresh in our minds. Then again, not being much of a Java coder, your code could be ready for insertion into HEAD already, in which case, a unified PATCH for HEAD would be

Could you created a unified diff for all the changed files, raise a bug in Bugzilla, attach the patch file and give the bug a title prefixed with [PATCH]? The FOP team are grateful for your efforts here.

Clay - looks like I spoke too soon, there may be more patches that could easily be put into a release.

You're forgiven Chris, as it appears to have been written after your previous message :-).

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