On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 21:27, Peter B. West wrote:
> A friend was watching over my shoulder as I was responding to an earlier 
> message on fop-dev.  "HashMaps... I won't say what image that conjures 
> up for me."  "Well?"  "A map of where you have the stash."
> I never thought of it that way.

Those of you in 'foreign climes' won't have heard of Canada's
latest drug bust. A former brewery north of Toronto was being used 
as one of the largest 'grow ops' (hydroponic marijuana factory)
ever discovered.

The Globe and Mail (http://www.globeandmail.com/) stated that
Ontario produces more weed than the entire population could
possibly smoke. There's an image of Canada that I want Europeans
to have. Of course it would slow hockey down quite a bit (but it
would dramatically increase concession sales at NHL games ...)
and cut out the fights. And only one of the Cheech and Chong guys
is/was Canajun, eh!

Anyway ... the former Molson's brewery in Barrie Ontario next
to Highway 400 (Interstate/Motorway/Autobahn) ... had everything
they needed ... huge metal kettles ... loading docks ... 

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